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The company with the sunny disposition.

Way back in 1998 when we started our home business, I was joking with a customer. It was a gray day and for some reason, I was in a good mood and the customer said: “You seem pretty happy for a guy on a gray day.” The slogan or by-line “We’re the company with a sunny disposition.”¬†was born.

We're kind of a unique company

Chris Cane, the guy that started Amjo is kind of a unique guy in that when others were cursing the introduction of computers into the workplace back in the 1970s, he was playing with them every day, much to the chagrin of his wife Cheryl. Actually, he purchased his first home PC in 1977 and his hobby became a tool he would use at work in his marketing/sales job at Varian Associates as well as a fun thing to play with at home.